Flipkart India’s largest e-Commerce company is going to introduce a new discount pricing model based on popular American e-commerce company’s smart cart services which encourages consumers to pick multiple items which can be shipped in one box to save delivery charges. Flipkart is planning to start this services from  January 2017 from New year, ET told two people familiar with the development. which obtain by retail giant Walmart Stores Inc for $3.3 billion earlier this year, Introduce the concept through its smart cart services that offer its customer details whenever they order multiple products into a single shipment so that Jet is able to save on Multiple shipping charges.

“A person said Courier Slab price changes with every 500g. For Instance, a pair flip flops typically comes in a 1.5 kg box volumetrically but the box is partially empty as it only occupies 1 kilogram and one hundred grams volumetric so you still end up paying cost of the 400grams,” said a person familiar with Flipkart plans. ”So Flipkart will suggest consumers, say a T-shirt or soaps which can included in the box to complete the 1.5kg.

Hardly two years after its arrival in the United states eCommerce scene, Jet is particularly popular among urban millennial consumers due to its dynamic price strategy and every day low price it offers through its algorithm and technology. The New jersey-based eCommerce company Jet currently adds more than 400,000 customers a month and processes on an average 25,000 orders day to day.

In Septemeber, Walmart obtain jet to help its battle against eCommerce giant Amazon which is challenging Walmart’s ascendancy in the united states retailing Space. Walmart already contacted with Flipkart to buy a minority stake in the Bengaluru-Based company. Amazon is their rival.

Flipkart’s challenging its top position in India e-commerce space. Diwali is biggest fest in India its crucial sales for Flipkart. Flipkart announces Diwali sales in October  about 15.5million units while Amazon told its also sold 15 million units. So Flipkart offering latest modeled services on Jet has anything to do its 0ngoing stick sale talks with Walmart.