Best Top 50 Torrent Sites 2018 You Can Download Movies Games Books


Best Top 50 Torrent Sites: Torrent Websites are the Easiest way to Download the Movies and Films,Software’s, Games, and Music from the Internet, in simple way and in that it’s free of Cost too and Free Source of Data that downloads for Millions of Stuff From torrents Sites.Torrent Websites are Famous world-widely and are used across the globe, as a report of daily millions of TB’s of Data is Uploading and Downloading Daily from the Different Torrent Websites and torrent Clients throughout the World Wide. It may be some time legal and some times it’s illegal to download stuff from the Torrent Websites as its sufficient way to transferring the Large number of files over the Internet by using the P2P Protocols.As everyone knows it is not considered as the Piracy by any means,its the Data that counts as illegal because the torrent-ing Act.This is based on the interest of the Worldwide torrent Clients users and the Clamoring demands, there are the number of top Torrent websites are available to download the stuff to the user across the Internet and the Globe too.This article is to provide the user with a big list of best torrent sites that you can use to download the Data.This Post covers all the important details of the torrent website and the Information’s of the Torrents website are working Properly and Live working torrent Files to download.

Top 50 Torrent Sites 2018 Working

Best Top 50 Torrent Sites: Since the Kickass torrent has taken down, there is shock news for all the Torrent lovers that where the movies to download and a lot of people are now searching for the New torrent download sites that which are unblocked, safe and for free. So here is the top best 50 torrent websites for you,from that you can download any stuff that you want .You can use any of these sites to download your favorite content free of Cost. All you got to do is that install any torrent client software on your Personnel Computer and search for the Content to download it from online.Let’s have a look at some of the Best Torrent Websites for the Stuff to download it from online.Let’s check out some of the Best torrent Sites in the year of 2017, Hopefully these website torrent sites that would help you find and download the content you like the most of there torrenting websites are live and working as till date and time.


Best Top 50 Torrent Sites: is  also known as the legendary Yify Torrents that is a great source to download all the verified files through online Surface. This is probably one of the best movie torrent sites that you’ll ever find on the internet. One of the brilliant feature of this site is that it offers movies in multiple quality types that a user can download. You can download movies with 720p and 1080p quality. You can also enjoy downloading the best 3D movies on as well. With all the free downloads, also lets register as a Yiffy member. Once you are a member, you can get access to bundles of premium quality movies and enjoy all the entertainment. offers easy, fast and secure movie search and an easy to navigate beautiful site layout. If you are serious about your movie collections, might be a great place to download them.


Best Top 50 Torrent Sites: stands as one of the most reliable, trusted, and best torrent sites of all. It was banned for a brief amount of time because of the Torrent Act, but later on, it continued its services and is still serving all the Torrent hunters well. The site was previously considered as a less safe portal for torrents, but now it’s moved to more secure and reliable servers. It offers a community of worldwide Torrent users and encourages you to join it. You can have all their latest releases and news related to all kinds of content in the community as well. Furthermore, offers its own Torrent Client that you can download and install on your computers. This makes the content downloads more secure and it’s free of cost. You can have torrent Client here.


Best Top 50 Torrent Sites: is another remarkable source of Torrent Downloads. This free-to-use torrent site ranks well among all the top torrent sites and offers a variety of Content. The advanced search mechanism allows you to have more refined searches and enjoy downloading content just as you like. Another great feature of is the fantastic lineup of content that helps you stay up to date with all the new releases and stuff. Categorically, is one of the most reliable and best torrent sites. Furthermore, you can have an account on, subscribe to RSS feed and get mail alerts for the new releases.

4. Monova.Org

Best Top 50 Torrent Sites: If you like finding torrents on a simple yet effective Torrent site, Monova.Org is your best choice. It offers a simplistic website layout yet effective and a very fast search engine. You can search on Monova.Org via putting in the Hash or simply by the name and your search comes up within seconds. It lets you surf through content collected from various sources and lets you choose the best. Like other torrent sites, Monova.Org lets you upload content by simply registering to the site. This site tops the ranks among some of the best torrent sites that are free and secure at the same time.

5. Yourbittorrent.Com

Best Top 50 Torrent Sites: Yourbittorrent.Com is another great title that truly is one of the most reliable, safe and free torrent sites. From movies to music, software to games, and anime to eBooks, Yourbittorrent.Com makes all kinds of downloads available for you. It keeps you updated with all the latest trends in every genre and lets you enjoy downloading torrents with ease. Uploading the Torrents on Yourbittorrent.Com is quite easy as compared to a lot of other torrent sites. Yourbittorrent.Com works best with Utorrent BitTorrent client, so it is recommended that you use it with Utorrent. That way you’ll get better peer connections and good download speed.

6. FullDLS / PearlTrees

Best Top 50 Torrent Sites: FullDLS or also known as is one of the biggest and most secure Torrent Sites. With over 2.5 million torrents and a huge user base, FullDLS lets you have the best results in almost all of the searches. One disadvantage of the Site is that it mainly relies on the advertisement. This makes surfing FullDLS a bit laggy but the overall performance of the site is just wondering. It highly recommended by readers and all the users of FullDLS. So, you can use this site to download torrents and enjoy surfing one of the best free torrent sites. You can also join PearlTree Community by registering online.


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