Best Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10


Desktop Gadget feature was first introduced with the windows Vista. We all know that desktop gadgets offers information various at a glance and are low on system resource as well. Windows 7 comes up with a cluster of excellence gadgets and supports installing all third-party gadgets from the web.

Desktop gadget feature is one of the most used features of windows 7 where it is not available in Windows 8, windows 8.1 and latest version Windows 10. Features were discontinued because of security reasons . In fact, Microsoft has been providing a tool to uninstall desktop gadgets completely from windows 7 operating system.

In the Newer version of Windows, Live tiles act as desktop gadgets to some extent. For Example, Live tile weather app’s offer the same or more information more than the weather gadget.

Windows 10 Live Tiles work better than these desktop gadgets, we need to switch on the Start menu or Start Screen in order to get access to these Live Tiles.

Desktop Gadgets Installation In Windows 10

Those who have already updated Windows 10 and Missing Windows 7 desktop gadgets,If you want to install desktop gadgets from windows 7 and it can be installed in Windows 10 with the help of third-party installer.

There are some many applications available in the market to get desktop gadgets in Windows 10 but make sure that to choice better ones. Some of the applications are not authorised to be installed.

Gadgets Installer for Desktop

Desktop gadgets Installer brings all original desktop gadgets available in Windows 7 to Windows 10. You need to install desktop Gadgets installer it installs Feed Headlines, Picture Puzzle, Clock Gadgets , Weather report, HD photo print, Calender, currency, CPU Meter, Windows media and Slide Show

To install additional gadgets it adds Gadgets option to the desktop context menu (right-click) Quickly you can access all installed gadgets like windows 7, when you click right on the desktop and click View option you’ll notice an option to show hide desktop or hide gadgets.

If you want to install more gadgets you can visit the download page of desktop Gadgets Installer by clicking Get more gadgets online link provided in gadgets windows which show when you click right on the desktop and click on Gadgets. Over 500 features of desktop gadgets will be on the website.

Setup of Window Desktop Gadgets installer comes with no twine attached, it doesn’t offer you to install any toolbar and any other Junkware.

Desktop Gadget installer fully compatible with Windows 10, both x86 and x64.



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