Airtel Become the most subscribers then Reliance JIO: Good news for Airtel users the bharati Airtel now becomes the huge number of users then Reliance JIO. In Last year 2016 The Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani announced free Sim JIO with free 4G net with high speed and unlimited calls and messages. This offers only for 3 Months Till December 31, 2016. Then JIO Extended for 3 Months. In that time Airtel Business losses more than 1,000 Cores.  VLR is a key metric representative the large amount of users actively using mobile services. This shows that Airtel new users 2.6 million active subscribers, according to company location register or VLR, in April compared to Mukesh Ambani-owned Jio’s 400,000 active (VLR) customer adds, said brokerage Goldman Sachs, analyzing Telecom Regulatory Authority of India data.

In September 2016 Airtel gather More Subscribers than Reliance Jio:



Goldman Sachs said that, “despite Jio’s marginal pricing (with three months complimentary services on Prime membership), the 4G entrant’s “active subscribers as a percentage of total subscribers constantly falling with only 71% in April, which is disappointing. More so since Jio’s active subscribers as a percentage of total subscribers were at just 63.1% and 62.8% in Mumbai and Kolkata, respectively.” There were reports that Reliance Jio will be releasing its first 4G feature phone later this year, which may also adds some of the subscribers into their network. Reliance Jio has nearly four million new users to reach a consumer base of 112.55 million. While there were reports from TRAI which says that Reliance Jio has added 4 million Subscribers the only thing is the active subscribers that matters.

According to the information, Idea has done better in adding up 0.6 million active users into its network while the worst being Vodafone India which added only 0.3 million active users. Lets see what will Jio be doing in this process to add more subscribers while sustaining the challenge from other telcos.