WhatsApp now launches Story Feature after Instagram

WhatsApp now launches Story Feature after Instagram


WhatsApp now launches Story Feature after Instagram

Instagram stories get more than 150 million views daily. After the launch of story feature in Instagram, major low view counts were noticed in Snapchat. Instagram stories showed the potential of the stories on the social platform. seeing the opportunity. WhatsApp now officially launched their most awaited Story Status feature.

WhatsApp story is just like the stories on Instagram. there will be a timer after the story after which you will jump to the next story. The new story feature will replace the old fashioned text status that we are using currently

Just like Instagram Story, in a WhatsApp Story also, a user can post photos, videos, and even GIFs. the users can also add png arts, text to the image stories.

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WhatsApp stories will get disappeared after 24 hours of uploading them. The User can also see who has gone through their stories. The user can comment on the stories which will be directly sent to the personal chat of the other party.

WhatsApp user can adjust the privacy settings related to the stories. There is a probability that there will be an option where the user can prevent a particular person to see their stories without blocking them

The privacy setting will include options of sharing stories with either Friends or Public

WhatsApp stories will be visible only to the WhatsApp contacts of the users. Blocked contact obviously won’t be able to see through the stories

So Users go ahead and try New WhatsApp stories. It can take a little while for everyone to receive stories update as rolling out the update takes a while.

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