Louis Vuitton made a iPhone 7 case which cost $5,000

Louis Vuitton made a iPhone 7 case which cost $5,000


Pay $5000 your iPhone can wear the latest Louis Vuitton leather case

Louis Vuitton Luxury fashion brand is known for Luxury goods across the globe now it has debuted a new Product called the Eye-trunk, a leather iPhone 7 case which is designed and to pay tribute to the company origins as a trunk designer. The iPhone 7 case at first seen at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. Louis Vuitton iPhone case which is made by golden crocodile leather. Trunk is nothing but to store clothes. The iPhone 7 case which would cost between $1180-5500. Louis Vuitton case lowest price costs more than $1,100 and high price version will cost you over $5,000

Check the Louis Vuitton Eye Trunk price range, versions, and models

Golden Crocodile leather Eye Trunk for iPhone 7 cost around $5,050 and for iPhone 7 plus it costs $5,500

If you think the price range is high, Louis  Vuitton offers you another model which is traditional Monogram version which costs $1,180 for iPhone 7 and for iPhone 7 plus it costs $1,250.

Monogram reverse

Another Eye trunk Monogram Eclipse version this version comes in two colors combination black and Gray with the Louis Vuitton company logo

Eye trunk Monogram Eclipse version case looks like from the front. louis Vuitton mentioned that the cases are “more than a protective cover.” the Louis Vuitton Eye Trunk established as the Ultimate luxury accessory of this season.”

Now itself Louis Vuitton leather case can’t order online but it may be going to sell in future for more information about Eye Trunk, visit Louis Vuitton official Website.

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Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk Reverse Monogram iPhone 7 Plus