Apple Launches a 32GB iPhone 6 For Asian Markets.

Apple Launches a 32GB iPhone 6 For Asian Markets.


Apple has recently Launched an Update version of the Apple iPhone 6 for the Asian Smartphone Markets and while the Apple iPhone 6 originally that was launched in the year 2014 and it is available in the Variants of 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB memory Storage iPhone’s in the Market’s.

This New iPhone 6 will be available with the 32GB of the Internal Storage i the Gold Variant in the Asian markets from now On-wards.

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This model has already has been available in the Chinese smartphone market as a low end model phone in the market that was sold by the third-party retailers.

The Same Apple iPhone 6 model will become available for the Taiwan Mobile on March 10. The Low end model that pertains to large markets is the iPhone SE which has the better internals than the iPhone 6 along with a smaller 4-inch display for the Smartphone.

Taiwan mobile market will offer the Gold Variant 32GB iPhone 6 for “Free” with a 30 month contract for about $45 UDS per month.

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