Wrestlemania 33: Roman Reigns Win over Undertaker; Brock Lesnar beats Bill Goldberg


Wrestlemania 33: Roman Reigns Win over Undertaker; Brock Lesnar beats Bill Goldberg :- Roman Reigns has handed the Under taker his Second Wrestlemania loss that bringing him the Phenom’s past record of to 23-2 and the Hulk man Brock Lesnar has defeated the Bill Goldberg to win the First Ever WWE Universal Championship at the Showcase of the Immortals and now the Wrestlemania 33 take a look at the Results of the Wrestlemania 33.

The Undertaker versus Roman Reigns – Undertaker controlled the match in the early part and wound up choke-slamming Roman Reigns on the commentator’s table. Rules skewered Undertaker into another host’s table in the wake of recuperating. Funeral director hit the keep going ride on Roman Reigns however he kicked out at two. The Phenom got a similar come about subsequent to choke-slamming Reigns on a steel seat. Funeral director hit a headstone on Roman Reigns yet couldn’t hold him down for a three tally. Roman Reigns even got away from an endeavored Hell’s Gate accommodation by Undertaker by getting the ropes just under the wire. Roman Reigns got favorable position after he could counter Undertaker’s seat assault by turning the tables on the WWE legend. Rules couldn’t hold Undertaker down for a three regardless of hitting two lances. He then associated with a Superman punch and hit another lance to at long last get a hard battled triumph against the Dead-man.

WWE Universal Championship Match :- Bill Goldberg vs Broke Lesnar:

Earlier in this match the Goldberg was able to counter attack the Brock Lesnar has suplexes with a spear that he knocked the latter to the outside of the ring.Goldberg continued to skewer Lesnar through the blockade and hit a jackhammer after both men returned the ring just for Lesnar to kick out at two. Brock Lesnar then hit Goldberg with ten suplexes in the wake of keeping away from a moment skewer from him and hit the F5 to score the triumphant pin-fall and progress toward becoming WWE Universal Champion without precedent for his WWE profession at Wrestlemania 33.

WWE Championship Match: Bray Wyatt (c) versus Randy Orton – Randy Orton endeavored to secure an early preferred standpoint against champion Bray Wyatt by going for a RKO, however Wyatt got away to the outside of the ring. Randy Orton then kicked out in the wake of accepting a Sister Abigail from Bray Wyatt and figured out how to secure the WWE title in the wake of hitting a RKO on Wyatt. The lights turned down and a realistic of larvae showed up on the ring mat twice amid the match.

WWE United States Championship Match: Chris Jericho (c) versus Kevin Owens – During the match Kevin Owens put the ‘Dividers of Jericho’ on Chris Jericho however he got away from the hold. Jericho countered by putting the dividers on Kevin Owens however he figured out how to snatch the ropes. Jericho kicked out of the fly up power-bomb and hit the Code breaker on Kevin Owens however the last could get his finger on the ropes. Kevin Owens powebombed Chris Jericho outside the ring and stuck him subsequent to bringing him inside to wind up noticeably the new U.S Champion.


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