Trump Predicts and celebrates Patriots’ stunning Super Bowl Win


President Donald Trump echoed the sentiment of many Americans after the New England Patriots pulled off a stunning upset to beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, tweeting: “Wow!”

“What an amazing comeback and win by the Patriots,” Trump Tweeted “Tom Brady, Bob Kraft, and COACH b total winners. Wow!”

Trump watched part of the game with his family and advisers at a swanky party at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Falcons won the toss ad gave kick off to the Patriots who were backed by Donald Trump’s Super Bowl prediction that had the patriots winning it.

The first quarter went scoreless despite a crazy 37-yard run by Devonta freeman but from there onwards

-The Atlanta extraordinary defense awarded them 7-0 lead and the scoring drive covered 71 yards on 5 plays.

-Robert Alford came running in front of Tom Brady’s amazing pass and ran it back 82- yards for a touchdown 21-0 it was!

-By the half time, it was 21-3 with the falcons proving very prediction that supported them wrong by performing even better than the wildest imagination of any pundit.

The Falcons Quarterback had the second touchdown of the match taking them to a harrowing for the Patriots 28-3 lead

The story changes from here and gets history get its chance to be made.

The story changes from here and gets history get its chance to be made.
-A diving catch by Taylor Gabriel went for 17 yards, and that start it for the Patriots.

-Tom Brady found James White for a 5-yard score. the point table 28-9

-Tom Brady, with his never-say-never attitude, found Danny Amendola for a 6-yard touchdown with 2-point conversions taking NE to 28-20

-With 3:30 remaining, Brady had the ball and one chance to cover up. But someone else came up for NE, and he was Julian Edelman.

-Julian Edelman had a gorilla catch and an unbelievable 91-yard drive followed by Tom Brady’s 2-point conversion to level the score 28-28

NE Patriots went on from here to win it 34-28 proving Donald Trump’s prediction that had Patriots winning by a 8 point margin correct.



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