Meet Chepauk’s new favourite, Batsman Jos Buttler and Crowd Chanting “We Want Butler”…We Want Butler.


How England Batsman Jos Buttler Became a Chennai Favorite Crowd.When ever a different Fielder came to field in the ground-and the short square leg boundary will be nearer to the crowd and they were chanting “We Want Butler”…We Want Butler.
As all know Cricket is a Gentleman’s Game but the supporters of the Indian Team sometimes forget this fact and come hard at the Opponent this for years and supporters have done things possible ti win their team.

When Pakistan tour India after 12 Years in 1999 Sachin Tendulkar fighting on 136 at Chennai Crowd as the Pakistani bowlers cleaned up the Indian Tail in no time and Handed them a 12 run Defeat. The Visitors Pakistani Players were Celebrating and were Shocked to see the People to stand and applauding them , As of now recently a series against England the same situation happened at Chennai Chepauk’s Stadium and the Player is Jos Buttler the Chennai Crowd is Chanting that we want Butller we want buttler this incident gave the Chennai Fans the tag as “Knlwledgeable Chennai Crowb”

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In India we have witnessed a very sporting crowds especially in kolkata, mumbai,chennai,They understand and acknowledge them who plays well in the Match, around 17 years back the Pakistani crowd witnessed now of the most Touching gestures by the Spectators of Chennai.

When ever Buttler keeps his hands on his head to rue a close call the Chennai crowd did the same thing along with him and the fans go mad and kept Buttler Engaged through out and Chanting as We Want Buttler We Want Buttler.

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England have lost the Match by an Innings and 75 runs as their batsman were getting out against Ravindra Jadeja who picked up his career best figures of 7-48 and ended up the match ans the series to as a winning streak with a series win of 4-0 in the five match test series.

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