Indian Cricket team may miss or not going to play ICC Champions Trophy 2017


The whole India is prepared for ICC Champions Trophy 2017 which is booked to begin on the first of June. While we were buying team jersey , marking our schedules, we got some stunning news that India may not participate in the current year’s edition of ICC Champions Trophy. The news broke out after BCCI’s delegates met with ICC’s representatives over revenue display. The BCCI delegates weren’t happy with ICC and threatened to pull India out of ICC Champions Trophy.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 to be start on June 1

The world will be stick to the TV channels when England take on Bangladesh in their first match of Icc Champion Trophy 2017.

India are the defending champions.


India will be altogether adapted to begin their title defense when they play their first match vs Pakistan on Jun 4. (On the off chance that they play)

Here’s the calendar of ICC Champions Trophy.

India is scheduled to play Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa in group stages.

In any case, as indicated by the most recent news, India won’t not play ICC Champions trophy.

As indicated by sources, BCCI delegates following a two-hour long meeting with ICC agents were left furious as their requests of reestablishing the “Big Three” income model weren’t met.

The Big Three

The Big Three is an income model used by ICC where the greatest 3 cricketing countries, in particular Australia, India and England get lion’s share of income.

This is simply adding to existing contention amongst BCCI and ICC.

BCCI authorities blamed ICC for rupture of lead despite the fact that the Board has regarded every single two-sided responsibility on Future Tours Program (FTP) but ICC needs to break down “Big Three” income model and share income similarly among all boards

The BCCI has threatened ICC that they’ll decline participation in Champions Trophy.

On the off chance that BCCI’s requests are not met, they have a choice to decline participation in the current year’s champions trophy. Something which is each Indian’s most exceedingly bad dream.

We Hope India takes part in ICC Champions Trophy

We wish them to again become the CHAMPIONS!

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