ICC Cricket Brings new rules to Game Run-out, LBW DRS and Red card rules


Cricket is one of the most popular game next to football across the globe and its is the most crazy game especially In India and Pakistan. After football the cricket is the only game which is followed by huge number of people. we know that how people fought after India and Pakistan match in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 finals.

The ICC International Cricket Council is bringing some new rules for more excitement to the game and especially for the people who will follow the game. ICC had implementing the rule and regulations in DRS.

According to the reports the ICC International Cricket Council on Friday approved for the new rules in International cricket game which will effect fro the 1st October. ICC has changed some rules which are already being made and it also come-up with new rules like Bat size and DRS Decision Review System. Lets move into the rules which are going to implemented by the ICC.


As per the decisions made by the authorized council members of ICC in May 2017 the members has decide that the teams will not lose their reviews if the Umpire decision is wrong and if they team review right when they goes for third Umpire.

What does ‘Umpire’s Call’ mean?

This idea influences Leg Before Wicket (LBW) decisions. At the point when a LBW choice is reviewed, the opportunity to be doubt goes to the on-field umpire’s original decision. Along these lines, the TV umpire would need to support the on-field judgment if projections indicate a large portion of the ball hitting a zone that extends from the outside edge of the off stump to the outside edge of the leg stump. This is the wiggle room stood to the “umpire’s call”.

Ball-tracking technology can never be 100% in deciding if the ball would have hit the stumps or not, or shaved it. In this manner, the on-field umpire’s call is vital. Presently, the ICC has chosen that if a LBW review accompanies the decision of ‘umpire’s call’, at that point it would not be reasonable for punish the team that required the review.

The 80 over top-up of reviews in Test cricket has been removed. The committee also additionally endorsed the minimum standards for the utilization of DRS for worldwide cricket. This incorporates the mandatory utilization of certify ball following and edge detection technology.

ICC has chosen to implement a few standards with respect to the size of bats, on-field behavior, and run outs.

1- With respect to bat size, it has been declared that measurements will have the limit point of 108mm in width, 67 mm inside and out and 40mm at the edge.

2- On-field behavior will be checked and if any player indulges in misconduct, the umpires will have the right to send them out of the game. The ICC cited, “All individuals have agreed to execute this in full.”

3- Additionally, another control with respect to the run outs has been implemented. It says that the batsmen will be declared not out if their bat bounces after being grounded behind the crease line. The principles will become effective from October 1 this year.


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