Happy Birthday Billy Bowden One of the Most Loved Umpire in Cricket History :- This Umpire is Very Famous for his Unusual Style that he has Affiliated in 200 ODI and 84 Test Match’s and over a Period of more than 20 years and he was best knows for his Unusual Yet and he entertaining mannerisms like raising of a Crooked Finger as crossed finger to announce out in a Cricket Match  to a Dismissal, Billy Bowden was once a part in promising fast bowler in his 20’s and he unite to began to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and that which forced him to give up the Career as a Cricket Player.but As everyone knows one-of-a-kind umpiring signals like not holding the Index Finger straight to give a signal to dismissal but holding it crooked, as which became famous as the Crooked finger of doom.

11 April 1963 (age 54 years)

Happy Birthday Billy Bowden:-

His imaginative methods for flagging the limits, his engaging idiosyncrasies without a doubt made umpiring a fun work. This beautiful character conveyed the excitement variable to the exhausting occupation of umpiring.

let’s take a look at  Things That You Must Know About Billy Bowden!

The secret behind the ‘crooked finger’ Check it out.

Billy Bowden has a dramatic signaling style! in Cricket.

Red Card From Billy Bowden:-

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