FIFA Has Banned Lionel Messi For the World Cup Qualifying Matches


FIFA Has Banned Lionel Messi For World Cup Qualifying Matches during the Argentina Football team’s FIFA world Cup Qualifier Match Between Chile Football team that Lionel Messi has abused the Linesman Marcelo Van Gasse, this incident was happened and went to the Governing Bodied of the World FIFA Federation CONMEBOL and FIFA they both took a final desition on Lionel Messi on this issue which happened on the Ground. Lionel Messi has scored a Gole in the Argentina Qualifying Match between Chile match last week that got angry outburst against a linesman¬†Marcelo Van Gasse, Let See the FIFA will take what kind of ban on The Star Football Player Lionel Messi.

Messi Has Banned from the Team of the Argentina’s next four world cup qualifying matches that starting from Tuesday Game at Bolivia.

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FIFA has said that the Lionel Messi has banned for the Verbally abusing an assistant referee during the Football match against chile.

After the Game that lionel Messi has refused to shake hands with the assistant referee.


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