Dangal Girl Phogat Effect: Kochi Girl Learning Gatta Gusti


Kochi : Dangal Girl Phogat Effect: Kochi Girl Learning Gatta Gusti.

Gatta Gusti has comeback with a Kochi Girl and with a Vengeance in the Muddy wrestling rings of Mattancherry with the Young Girls Joining in this Competitions and some other amature Wrestling Classes that inspired by the Hit Movie Aamir’s Dangal Girl Phogat.

Their Role models are Geeta and Babita Phogat, and Two Haryanvi girls who went onto Win For India at Wrestling’s Competitions, and egged on by their Presistant Father of the Wrestlers.

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The 29 year old Girl Who have enrolled for the Harsh Training regime at Sree Gujarati Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School in Mattancherry state that thee is no Such Parental Pressure and they have come on their will and Passion.

The Kind of Obsession that Youngsters are Drawn into when Movies take over Popular imagination.

But the Gutta Gusti can be Harsh and tough for the Beginner’s and you need get accustomed to the Bruises and Sprains and n\bone- Crushing throw the Downs.

It is a fact that Many Beginners drop out after a Couple of Weeks.

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After watching the Movie Dangal I have Got Interested by Wrestling and enrolled for the Training Program.

Besides I feel it Also Teaches Many Self-Defense Techniques.
Farzana A, A Class VIII Student.

TA Farish the Physical Education education at her School said that she used to literally Plead with the Students to Join for Gatta Gusti Training.

Only Some of Few Used to come Forward but now Everybody wants to Train for Gutta Gusti after watching Dangal Movie as they got inspired by the Movie.


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