Chinnaswamy Ground Demonstrates Superfast Rainwater Absorption Using Sub-Air System Check it Out.

Chinnaswamy Stadium has became the First Cricket Stadium to Use of Sub-Air Drainage System and Proved it.

The Karnataka State Cricket Association(KSCA) had taken a Major step in Providing the Sub-Air Drainage System at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.

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They Have Set a Trademark for other State Cricket Associations to follow these Sub-Air Drainages Systems.

Recently The KSCA officials demonstrated the Newly installed Systems to the Report Media and Print Media Yesterday, This Video Clearly Shows that a Huge Amount of Water has Sacked on the Ground and the Water has Dried into the Ground and it Drained in a Matter of Little Seconds(Time).

One Of the World Wide Famous Chinnaswamy Stadium has became the First Ever Cricket Stadium to Have Sub-Surface Aeration System that Combines with a Big Vacuum Powered Drainage Systems.

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This New Invention and Addition will now Bring the New Drainage Systems in Stadiums when the Rains Stopped Play, and that the Drainage Systems will start working as soon as Raindrops fall on the Surface of the Stadium.

The New System Guarantees that the Match can be resumes minutes after the Rains Subsides.

Check the Video KSCA Demonstrates SuperFast rain Water Absorption at Chinnaswamy Stadium Using Sub-Air System.