Top Beer’s for the people who don’t really like the taste of it


Beer is like Sex. sometimes you’re in the mood for it rough, Sometimes light and playful. there’s really no right or wrong because at the end of the day it’s mostly about getting some good head.

But you may not always be in the mood for heady lager. Just once maybe you’d like to burp and have it not taste like beer. Maybe you’re hungover and just want a cold one to get you through the day. Or maybe you straight up hate the taste of beer What went wrong in your childhood?.

Here are the Best Five Beer’s around the world to Sip it right now


One of the original witbiers that started it all .Hoegaarden is the beer equivalent of a lemon tart, cloudy and pale yellow, sweet with just the right amount of Sour.

Bira blonde and white

Both Biras are like those kids with Indian parents who went to study abroad. Bira 91 Blonde went to boarding school and grew up into a hoppy Czech style pilsner, while his brother Bira 91 white grew up a Belgian style wheat and was always a bit fruity.

Doolally’s Mango Cider

If Maaza had an older brother that was a bad influence it would be Doolally’s mango beer. He’s the good time guy you want to hang out with. Light, Breezy and extremely chilled. Seriously, It would even go down well with breakfast.


Everyone knows the pale lager is already pretty weak. But what’s this full business with the lime? It’s a beer, for F*cks sake. Not a cocktail. It may not be as citrusy as the other options but it’s still a featherweight.

Wisconsin Belgian Red (New Glarus)

Each bottle of this Belgian-style ale is brewed in Wisconsin with over a pound of Door county cherries. New Glarus brewing Company has perfected the balance to deliver a medium-bodied beer that’s highly carbonated and ruby red in color, with an ABV of 4%.


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