Supreme Court Bans Liquor Shops on State and National Highways all Over the country


Supreme Court Bans Liquor Shops on State and National Highways all Over the country the court said that all the existing licences of liquor shops are going to ban on highways and will not be renewed after March 31st 2017

The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered a ban on all liquor Shops on national as well as state highways across the country and made it clear that licenses after 31 march Next year SC bench headed by chief Justice T.S Thakur also directer that all liquor vends will be Prohibited on National and state Highways.

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Last week the apex has Expressed concern over the 1.5 Lakh every year in road mishaps on National and State highways across the Nation and removal of the indicating their location.

Look at the court while reserving the verdict on 7th December on a batch of Pleas seeking a direction to excise Laws to ensure that no Liquor is solid and came down heavily on the Punjab Government for Seeking relaxation and Permitted liquor Shops near High ways

How ever the court said that the Liquor shops can Operate till the Period they should have their licenses and all existing licences of liquor shops on highways will not be Renewed after March 31st 2017.

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At Analysis of road Accident data 2015 reveals that around 1,374 accidents and 400 death”s takes place every day on Indian Roads Resulting in 57 Accidents and loss of 17 lives on an average of every hour and also the Excise Policies of Indian States and Union Territories should be conform to the spirit of Article 47 r/w Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

The Bench had also Rapped the Center for not doing anything for the last 10 years forcing the court to Step in and earlier the court had sought a response from the Center state and from the union territories .


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