Shiv Sainiks has Forced to close 300 KFC Meat Shops in Gurgaon For Navratri Festival


Protestors in Gurgaon who has claimed to be From the Shiv Sena has forced to shut down more that 300 meat shops including an outlet and of popular fast food chain of KFC company across all over Gurgaon Popular sector 14 on Wednesday morning for the Navratri Festival as the Nine-day Hindu Festival where the devotees eat vegetarian Food because of the Navratri festival. The Protestors and the Followers of the Shiv Sena Party in Gurgaon and Delhi, they all want all the meat shops in the Area should be closed every Tuesday’s and when they say Hindus are barred from eating the Meat.

Gurgaon as many of the 500 Meat shops to be closed including the KFC outlets around the Gurgaon city and in old Gurgaon also that they were shut down by over 200 Shiv Sainiks for the Nine Day Navratri Festival on account of Navratri.

Shiv Sainiks also Threatened the Shopkeepers on Tuesday to shut their meat shops on every Tuesday.

We have sent the Notices to the Meat shop owners including the KFC outlets and the other fast food centers around the Gurgaon to shut their shops till the Navratri Festival Ends said by the Party head, Gautam Saini.

The Shiv Sena Workers have assembled at the Palam Vihar on Tuesday and forced to close the 300 meat shops and all the Dhabas such as Bismillah Khan eatery on other areas across Gurgaon-Delhi.

How Ever The Shiv Sena Party has distanced itself from the Incident that following the news reports and that Shiv Sena activists have closed the Mutton shops in Gurgaon, said by the Man from the party of Shiva Sena Ritu Raj, we didn’t make any drive in Gurugram as said by the chief of Shiv Sena Party Uddhav Thackeray to the Media.

On Wednesday morning Shiv Sena party Workers or men’s have targeted the meat shops in Gurgaon’s busy Sadar bazar area on the right side of the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway on Tuesday, including the KFC and the DLF Sushant Lok and the Sohna Road and Badshahpur areas.

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Raj Thakrey said that most of the Meat shops are forced to down the shutters were “illegal” they did not have the license to operate the Most of them do not allow the proper Procedures and laid down the meat shops.

One of the Gurgaon Police has said that there is no complaint was received so far but the action would be taken if the meat shops were being forced to shut down for the Navratri Festival.

In Gurgaon however, sometimes the Meat Shops owners say that they don’t have a Problem with the Demands as the Shakir a meat shop owner in sector 9 said that he thought the action was against norms and he did not have any objections to keeping his shop closed to respect the other religious sentiments. we are discussing with other shop keepers and may make a police complaint said by one of the Meat owners on Pataudi Road Gurgaon.


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