Serving The Poor Is To Serving The God Say’s Modi


Serving The Poor Is To Serving The God,Says Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi ji and Protecting Demonetization as a move to improve the Poor’s Lives.

Playing the Poor card ,that Prime Minister Modi on Saturday said that they are focusing of his Government and projected demonetization as a long-term tool to fight back black money and Corruption to improve Their lives.

A head of Elections in this Five States Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that Poverty was an Opportunity to Serve the Poor and Equated it with Serving the God.

Reminiscent of former PM Indira Gandhi’s Slogan “Garibii Hatao” in the Year 1970’s Modi told a Closed door BJP National Executive Meet in Delhi that “Gareebi humare liye seva ka avsar hai, gareeb ki seva prabhu ki seva ke samaan hota hai.

Modi again Pitched for Electoral reforms and sough a consensus among Political Parties and asserting that BJP will play a lead role in Marketing Political Funding Transparent as demonetization and digital economy have a head in a more transparent Era.

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The Prime Minister asked workers to focus effectively on booths and saying the more they wok there the more fruits and the Party will harvest.

The Situation is in our Favor in the Elections.

Some People were Concerned about improvement in their life style but Priority of our Government was to change the Quality of the Life of the Poor.

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the Prime Minister asserted that he Poor and Poverty are not a tool for winning elections for the BJP and that it does not Look at them and the Vote-bank Glasses.

Modi Cited a string of Government’s Measures and including Jan Dhan accounts and “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao,Swachh Bharat,and the poor have inner strength to overcome poverty and his government has been working to empower them.

Reports said that he also asked Party Leaders to not seek Pool Tickets for their kin and saying organisations will take care of the Exercise.

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