Jayalalitha Died after Being Pushed by AIADMK Leader.


Jayalalitha Died after Being Pushed by AIADMK Leader.

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Senior AIADMK Leader PH Pandian on Tuesday dais that some Little doubts over the rumors and surroundings of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha, this became a terming them and mysterious and called to an investigation. The former Speaker of the Tamil Nadu assembled and also hit out the Chief Minister- her designate VK Sasikala, saying that the Late CM told him that Sasikala to take the Charge of the Tamil Nadu State Under Her Control.

Here are the 10 Most important things happened to the Veteran MLA.

1. Jaya Lalitha was Pushed ?

Pandian Said that Jayalalithaa was pushed and fell over on
September 22 after an argument with someone at her residence at
Poes Garden in Chennai. The late leader, who Pandian claimed was
depressed, was taken to Apollo Hospital for Medical Treatment.

2. Her passing was unnatural

While specialists, including London master Dr Richard Beale, on Monday said Jayalalithaa had passed on after a sudden heart failure, Pandian asserted that the late pioneer’s demise was unnatural, and indicated at the likelihood of harming. The AIADMK pioneer likewise required an examination concerning her passing and in addition a test into every one of the general population display at Poes Garden on September 22.

3. Crude treatment points of interest

Pandian said that none of the AIADMK pioneers thought about Jayalalithaa’s wellbeing condition and what restorative treatment she was accepting all through her 75-day hospitalization. The healing center had on Monday told the media that a group, including Sasikala and AIADMK pioneer Thambidurai, were given an every day instructions about the treatment.

4. Sasikala did not cry

At the point when AIADMK pioneers entered Apollo Hospital on December 5, subsequent to discovering that Jayalalithaa had endured a heart failure, Pandian affirmed that neither Sasikala nor her family appeared to be influenced by the 68-year-old’s passing.

5. Sasikala and Co at burial service

Pandian said the whole party authority was stunned to see individuals from Sasikala’s family, called the “Mannargudi Mafia” by spoilers, group Jayalalithaa’s body at Rajaji Hall, and assume control over the memorial service procedures.

6. Jaya didn’t need Sasikala to be CM

Manoj Pandian, the MLA’s child who is a previous AIADMK MLA, said the late pioneer disclosed to him that she didn’t need Sasikala to be boss priest of Tamil Nadu.

7. Sasikala has no order

Manoj Pandian said Sasikala’s arrangement as gathering general secretary and pioneer of the Legislative Party were unlawful as she had not been chosen. His dad, then, said that Jayalalithaa’s partner was “unfit to be boss pastor.”

8. No support for Sasikala

Both pioneers demanded that there was no support for Sasikala from the gathering functionaries or frameworks.

9. For the general population

Pandian said Jayalalithaa, on her arrival from prison in 1996, pronounced to the gathering functionaries that every one of her effects ought to go to the general population. “She disclosed to me that I should see to it. I have an obligation to satisfy her desire after her death,” he said.

10. Tentative arrangements

The two said they would declare their feasible arrangements on February 24, Jayalalithaa’s introduction to the world commemoration. Deepa Jayakumar, the late pioneer’s niece, had prior reported that she too would declare her political gathering on that day.

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