Girija Vidhyanathan is Appointed as the New Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu 


Girija Vidhyanathan is appointed as the New Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu State.This Came After the Income Tax Department has raided the former Chief Secretary’s residence so that she  appointed as the New Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu State.

Income Tax Department Continued their Search of operations for the
Second day at the premises of Tamil Nadu Secretary P.Rama Mohana rao’s

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On Wednesday the reports said that Undisclosed income to the tune of rs.5 crore
from the house of Mr.Rao’s son vivek Papishetty in thiruvanmiyur in Chennai. the Income Tax Department went through the residential and they raided the office premises of the Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary in Chennai Bengaluru and Andhra Pradesh and Seized Rs 30 Lakh cash in New Currency and 5 kg of Gold they have recovered.

A Government order has announced that IAS Girija Vaidyanathan who is also the Additional Chief Secretary and Commissioner of Land Administration that will replace Rama Mohana Rao as the New Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu.

Rao Dropped post-IT raids in and Girija Vaidyanathan is appointed as the New Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary the speculation about rao’s suspension has been going on far a while but there is no such official decision has been taken and Rao will remain in service.

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Vaidyanathan was Additional Chief Secretary and commissioner of land administration Prior to this ans she will also hold the additional charges of Vigilance commissioner and Commissioner for administrative reforms the posts that  held by Rao.

Rao was appointed as Chief Secretary in June this Year 2016.

Income Tax Department has said that Rao has cooperated in the Investigation and his Son Vivek ,according to a PTI report he admitted to have undisclosed income of rs 5 Crore and a 5 KG of Gold.

it is being alleged that Rao had Close links with shekar reddy and an individualist and AIADMK functionary whose business and residency’s that they were raided by the IT department earlier this Month reports said.


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