E Palaniswami Took the Charge as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.


E Palaniswami Took the Charge as the Chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Chief Minister E Palaniswami in charge, Amma’s Chair Used for the First time after the Death of the Late CM of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha.

Chennai Tamil Nadu : E.Palaniswami the Fresh voice of Tamil Nadu as now Challenged by the Opposition in the High Court, and he Officially Started working as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu this Morning.He Walked in the Way of the Jayalalitha’s office used by the former Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa and sat in the Amma’s Chair where she used to sit, which was unoccupied for over five months since she was hospitalized in the Month of September 2016 Last Year.

Late MS Jayalalitha did not return to home from the Hospital where she admitted, she died there on December 5th and O Panneerselvam who took charge in place of Jayalalitha some hours later but he did not used her chair or her office.
Panneerselvam or OPS had given the Demonstrations of his devotion to Ms Jayalalithaa or Amma did not use her chair or office in his earlier as chief minister.In all three terms he placed her Photograph for all Cabinet Meetings that will be always clear that he was a proxy for her.

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E Palaniswami’s first orders to close the total of 500 Liquor
shops and mopeds on the Discounts for the Women’s in Tamil Nadu.

When Jayalalitha (Amma) was the Chief Minister that she brought in a lot of Public welfare Schemes in Tamil Nadu, When Palaniswami took charge of Tamil Nadu that he Signed on Five Schemes as he announced by the “amma” says reports.

Tamil Nadu Finance Minister O Peneerselvam has taken the charge of the Finance minister for the State of Tamil Nadu Earlier handled by the Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa, which was also reflected on the State’s official government’s Website but as of now they put the name of Panneerselvam’s name under Jayalalithaa

O Panneerselvam who visited the state Secretariat on Wednesday and Thursday that he is stepping into the Jayalalithaa shoes for the this time.

Jayalalitha 68 was admitted to the Hospital here on September 22 for the treatment of fever and dehydration.

Doctors advised that she needed a longer stay at the hospital as she was suffering from infection and put her on the respiratory support.

On October 11 at Raj bhavan said that Governor CH Vidhyasagar Rao had under Clause (3) of the Constitution’s article 166, and with the Jayalalithaa to Panneerselvam on her advice.

Panneerselvam will also preside over the state cabinet meetings.

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