Buyers of new cars or Bikes need to show parking Space


Buyers of new cars or motorcycles will need to prove that they have space to park them if a proposal from the union government announced Thursday is implemented. In a bid to decongest the roads, the government may allow registration of vehicles only after production of parking space availability certificate to the authorities. Speaking at event here union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu also said that in future, permission would not be given for any construction unless it has a provision for toilets.

Union Minister Information & Broadcasting M. Venkaiah Naidu speaking about Parking Space rule

The rule will likely make a significant dent in the annual increase of private car sales. As of March 2015, Delhi had more than 26 lakh cars, the highest in any Indian state.

“In future it would be mandated that no permission would be given to any construction without a toilet.. no car or vehicles should be registered with out adequate parking space availability certificate” Mr Venkaiah Naidu the Union urban development minister said.

Underlined he was “very keen” to put in place such riders for vehicles registration, Naidu said that his ministry was in discussions with surface transport ministry in this regard.

“I am holding discussions with Nitin Gadkari and also sensitizing the states. we are moving in that direction to get such a mechanism implemented” he said.

Earlier he also launched ‘Google toilet locator’ that would help people search toilets in Delhi-NCR as well as Indore and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. the Minister also said the Google Platform offers over 6,200 public toilet locations, Including their availability in shopping malls, hospitals, bus/train stations petrol pumps and metro stations. Mr Venkaiah Naidu said the objective of achieving open Defecation free ODF status for cities and towns entails not only construction of toilets but also ensuring not only construction of toilets but also ensuring the regular usage.

Urban Development Ministry has partnered with Google and August communications to provide location of toilets on Google Maps platform. “We have already collated community and public toilet data in 5 cities of NCR delhi he said.

Government officals also warned that implemenaion will not be easy since a third of Delhi’s population lives in unauthorised colonies. ” Apart from illegal colonies, delhi abyway does not have planned development an offical said. Experts welcomed the plan but said the execution faces a number of challenges.



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