Actor Pawan Kalyan to Contest 2019 Elections in both Telangana and Andhra...

Actor Pawan Kalyan to Contest 2019 Elections in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh


Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan who has a huge fan following in  Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is now ready to contest in 2019 elections in both states. Pawan kalyan who establish Jana Sena Party on Tuesday he said that his party will contest the assembly elections.

Pawan Kalyan who turned from Actor to Politician and established Jana Sena Party finally announced his official entry into Assembly elections shocked everyone in both states. He officially never announced statement but now he said he will contest. Pawan Kalyan announced that he will contest the election in Andhra pradesh and Telangana but the thing is that who are the candidates in all the constituencies in both states either he going to be new faces or some famous political candidates.

Pawan kalyan started his Jana Sena party before 2014 elections and extended support to the TDP and BJP alliance in the state.

Pawan Kalyan said that on the completion of three years of this party. Jana sena party will be the youth centric party with alternate political thought.

Pawan said that Jana sena party would start constructing the organisation in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana from June 2017. He also said that they were serve in the process of identifying youth leadership at all the levels.

Jana Sena party is aiming for active participation as a full fledged political party from March 2018.

Pawan Kalyan said that the party has identified 32 issues like Land acquisition, mining and agriculture and has launched a website to get people views on every issues for formulating the Jana sena party policies.

Hitting out the both BJP and TDP government in Andhra pradesh state, he said he wanted to meet Prime minister Modi over the issue of Special status of Andhra Pradesh but could not, however he will not go back on the demand

Pawan kalyan said the main agenda of Jana Sena Party will remain special status and it is ready to bring down TDP government if they do not stop cheating the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Claiming that the people who are working for Jana Sena Party are the strength and the Party also has good number of people even in areas bordering Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Karnataka.

On possible alliances with other parties Pawan said the Jana Sena Party would think about the necessity or otherwise of any alliances after building the organisation.

Power star Pawan kalyan brother of Telugu Mega Star Chiranjeevi, had floated the party ahead of the 14 assembly elections, he did not contest in 2014 polls but campaigned and the support the TDP-BJP alliance.

Pawan kalyan who supported BJP and TDP, distanced himself from the both parties because of both parties denied Andhra Pradesh special Status.

Pawan kalyan is targeting both BJP and TDP for fake Promise. he however said that he believed in constructive criticism.

Pawan kalyan was before in PRP Praja Rajyam Party floated by Chiranjeevi before 2009 elections. He was unhappy with his brother chiranjeevi decision to merge the party with the congress in 2011.

Chiranjeevi is former Congress Central Minister even now he is with congress party.

When he asked if there is a possibilities of the Chiranjeevi and he was quitting and the Congress and the working with him and said that they were both were two independents and the individuals with the different thinking.

Both the brothers Pawan Kalyan and the Hero Chiranjeevi come from the Politically and the Socially is in important kapu community and it is believed that the because of the Pawan Kalyan Support and performed well in the 2014 elections.