Vidya Balan’s Begum Jaan Movie Review and Rating


Vidya Balan’s Begum Jaan Movie Review and Rating :- Vidya Balan’s Movie Begum Jaan is Getting a Positive Vibrations across all the centers and the Good  Talk of the Movie as every one know the Bollywood Actress Vidya Balan is well known for Playing for the Brave and all Competitive Roles that she made it true one again with the Movie Begum Jaan, this story is of a brother which is between the border’s of the India and Pakistan at the time of the Prostitution, as Srijit Mukherji has done a great work by choosing the Bollywood Actress Vidhya balan for this Role as she has much Potential in Playing in a Prostitution role like this and even it was Proved once again as she acted before in Dirty Picture as well.Begum Jaan Movie is a good and a Positive Period of drama and it is Written and Directed bythe National Film Award winner Director Srujit Mukherji and Produced by Mukesh Bhatt, this film is Co-Produced by the Sakshi Bhatt and Shree Venkatesh Films with executive producers Kumkum Saigal.

Begum Jaan Movie Review

Story of the Movie Begum Jaan :- in August 1947 the British has passed bill that regarding to the Partition of the Bengal from Separation as begum jaan is not concerned about the Hindustan or Pakistan and her only concern is her Business that which is running badly because of the Partition. The Boundary line between India and Pakistan that has been drawn right because the Middle of the Begum Jaan’s Brothel as they meet Begun Jaan an tell her to evacuate her birther along with her woman and who refuses to budge, when dawn the house and its inmates have been burnt Begum Jaan enter the house and willingly accept their death in her “Country”

Movie Review of Begum Jaan :- Here lives a whorehouse proprietor Begum Jaan (Vidya Balan) and her young ladies. The neighborhood ruler has taken them under his wings and that is a relationship Begum loves to display. Local people are terrified of her, so is the organization. Her disintegrating chateau is her kingdom. No one challenges conversing with her in a taunting tone. Be that as it may, her internal identity is quite mellowed and big-heated and she recognizes being a sex specialist.

The law implementing organizations think that its hard to unstuck Begum from the line and that prompts a war which is layered, unequal and plain as day. At various stages, it grandstands different shapes and types of patriarchy. On the off chance that it recommends male control as the main driver of the issue, it additionally looks for arrangement through a similar procedure. Be that as it may, this will come later.

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                Begum Jaan

Cast Vidya Balan, Chunky Pandey
Director Srijit Mukherji
Rating 2.5/5


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