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Spyder Movie Review
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, S J Surya, Bharath, Priyadarsh
Producer: Tagore Madhu, N V Prasad
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Director – A R Murugadoss
Rating: 3.5

Spyder Movie Review Spyder Movie Rating: 

Story of the Spyder Movie:

Mahesh Babu’s film is dependably an occasion in Tollywood. Like always there are out of this world expectations on Mahesh’s most recent film Spyder. Directed by Murugadoss, the film is made Telugu and Tamil at the same time. Murugadoss who has a flawless reputation as an director couldn’t satisfy expectations this time.

Siva (Mahesh) is a small employee in the intelligence bureau. He creates extraordinary software that will alert him when people are in require. He utilizes IB’s access to all telephones and with his product he finds the crooks and prevents them from carrying out crime. However, he couldn’t Save two ladies from a psycho killer notwithstanding realizing that they are in danger. Now Siva is resolved to discover the killer and comes to realize that he is Bhairavudu (Surya) a psychotic identity. The rest of the film is about their go head to head and Siva putting a conclusion to Bhairavudu. Check Spyder Movie review

Spyder Movie Review check Actors Performance

Mahesh: Mahesh is fit and perfect as the leading man. His styling as the intelligence bureau officer is exceptionally amazing. There are several scenes that demonstrates the best on-screen character in him. In any case, we need to concede that Mahesh is not used to the maximum capacity by Murugadoss. He is a decent performer that can pull off any part, yet director are not using the powerhouse of ability. Check Spyder Movie review

Rakul preet and Sj Surya : Rakul Preeth Singh got another ordinary Telugu heroine role. Her portrayal is strange and doesn’t give any scope to perform. SJ Surya as the villain is one of the significant features. He starts off the procedures appropriate from the introduction and makes a mind blowing showing with regards to in general. Priyadarshi and others didn’t generally have any extension. Check Spyder Movie review

Sypder movie review

Murugadoss tries to mix activity and social message into the story. His mark style is available however the expert with which he arrangements such subjects is missing. There are a couple of standout scenes that demonstrate his check, however the film endures a great deal because of frail plot. Director depends upon protracted scenes to connect with the group of onlookers. It is a dull endeavor from Murugadoss, who is a decent storyteller.

Sypder movie review on Music

Harris Jayaraj scored brownie focuses with his mark background score. In any case, the soundtrack is entirely conventional. Santosh Sivan’s cinematography is amazing. Visual impacts are exceptionally poor. The film is made on a high spending plan, yet it doesn’t appear as though one on account of the inadequately done special effects. Check Spyder Movie review

Spyder movie review : Thumbs Up
Mahesh babu
Sj Surya
Interval Scene
Spyder movie review : Thumbs Down
Logic less
climax poor
script weak


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