Secret Superstar Movie review Check Zaira Wasim Aamir Khan


Secret Superstar Movie review

Cast: Aamir Khan Zaira Wasim Raj Arjun Meher Vij Tirth Sharma

Producer:  Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Akash Chawla, Sujay Kutty, B. Shrinivas Rao

Director:  Advait Chandan

Music Director:  Amit Trivedi

Rating: 4/5

Aamir Khan and Zaira wasim Starter secret superstar movie review is here the film has released in theaters today. The secret superstar movie a teenage girls life where her dreams of becoming rock star but her father won’t accept her to become rock star. check Secret Superstar movie review

Secert Superstar Movie review story: The movie revolves around a India muslim girl who is from Baroda her name Insia which is played dangala fame Zaira wasim who wish to become a singer but the fate is that she is comes from home where restrictions will be there, but also here dreams and thoughts . While she wants to open the doors of her cage and fly into the sky of dreams, Insia wants also her mother to be free from domestic abuse. Becoming a rockstar singer she find freedom for both of them. Zaira wasim starts steps closer to her dream by uploading her videos of her singing clad in burqa. She becomes sensation in INTERNET and thus a Secret superstar is born. But does Zaira wasim ever be able to find her freedom? Does she become the superstar for this please go and watch movie in theaters. check Secret Superstar movie review

Cast Performance: Here is the Secret Superstar movie review coming to the Zaira wasim has done exceptionally well. While coming to the Mr perfect Aamir Kkan he is the stealer of the scenes and Meher vij zaira wasim mother her acting was impressive and last chintan tirth sharma and guddu kabir are fabulous – check Secret Superstar movie review

Secret Superstar movie review Music: Amit Trivedi has given best songs Main kaun hoon the best song ever you heard even while coming from the theaters it will be with you. Ar Rehman Nachdi Phira slow poison and I Miss you & Meri Pyaari ammi , Gudgudi are best one of the film. Check Secret Superstar movie review

Secret Superstar movie review Direction: The movie direction was so good Advati debut film the way he narrated the movie in a simple way we have to give thumbs up. Coming to the first half it required a closer screenplay. And the runtime should be shorter as there are a couple of scenes that were not required and it has been edited out. check Secret Superstar movie review


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