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Maatr Movie Review

Cast: Raveena Tandon, Anurag Arora Madhur Mittal, Alisha Khan, Divya Jagdale,
Director: Ashtar Sayed
Rating: 3/5
Duration: 1:52 minutes
Genre: Drama

Raveena Tandon plays as Vidya Chauhan a School teacher and her little girl Tia (Alisha) both are raped ,attacked and dumped on the roadside. Tia surrenders to her wounds while Vidya survives. Since the police are stalling everywhere throughout the investigation, Vidya devises her own revenge system. To aggravate matters, the chief minister’s son is among the culprits. The investigateve officer Shroff (Anurag Arora) clasps under pressure, and does his best to brush the case far from anyone’s regular field of vision. Be that as it may, he thinks little of Vidya’s anger who is presently out for revenge.;

In a topical level, it’s justifiable. Society is setting aside opportunity to wake up to the possibility of gender equality. Playing to famous creative energy, director Ashtar Sayed picks Delhi as the background and shows the politician criminal-police nexus, much like Pink. Yet, while Pink concentrated for the most part on casualty disgracing, Maatr – which implies mother in Hindi – is the story of a wrathful mother. The unidirectional approach works at the outset when we see Raveena Tandon adapting to unleash her anger on her culprits like the heroines of Dushman, Pratighat and Anjaam, yet the thought starts to lose steam soon enough.

Where Maatr is successful is by they way it approaches rape; it doesn’t trivialize the subject. It additionally demonstrates well how Vidya’s husband neglects to give the steady bolster she needs. Be that as it may, excepting some emotionally charged scenes highlighting Raveena, Maatr seems dull; we have seen this story a few times some time recently.

While Sayed relies upon Raveena Tandon to totally stun his audience, he fails to back her up with a decent screenplay. More than a lady on a mission, Raveena Tandon seems like the female variant of Sunil Shetty from Mohra, with less swag at that.

Likewise, the culprits are wince commendable simply because of the way of the crime, however not as a result of awesome written work. Not at all like a portion of the finest movies made, no one in the film cares to go emotionally into the mind of the criminal.

At last, Raveena Tandon alone couldn’t save a thin storyline, and Maatr is simply one more ordinary retribution adventure.



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