Logan Movie Why critics calling the best superhero movie ever check out...

Logan Movie Why critics calling the best superhero movie ever check out why


“Logan” is finally out in theaters this weekend, and the R-rated film is already getting high congratulate from critics and audiences alike. Critics are overwhelmed with the script: It’s gritty, violent, and balances the intense action sequences expected from a superhero movie with the quiet performance expected from a completely different one.

The risks director and cowriter James Mangold took with Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine is a completely satisfying end to his 17-year portrayal of the character. It also stands out in the midst of the X-Men franchise and superhero movies in common and is likely to change them for the better.

why critics are calling “Logan” one of the best superhero movies ever – even the best – below:

Logan-It’s dark and risky.

“It is adamant in its brutality and fearless in its admiration of these iconic characters. It’s an evidence to the power of storytelling, and what creative independence can produce. Goodbye, bub. You’ve changed superhero movies forever.” —Hindustan Times

“The film celebrates the standard by taking itself seriously, with an additional hint of apology for the genres in advance sins. Best of all, there’s an element of risk.” —San Francisco Chronicle

Logan-It’s so good, you might forget it’s a comic-book movie.

“The only problem with calling it the boldest and most touching superhero flick in many years is that it’s scarcely a superhero movie at all.” –NPR
“The best superhero movie ever is more about the curse of super powers than super powers. possibly that’s why it’s the best superhero movie ever-Tri city Herald

Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine is exceptionally satisfying.

“Jackman’s performance is Clint Eastwood-rescue, and the lines in Jackman’s face tell the story of his worn out character; he plays Wolverine as a man at the end of his line, adding at least a decade to his 48 years.” —Detroit News

“’Logan’ is as inconspicuous a masterpiece as there’s ever been, delivering the Wolverine film we’ve all been to come for, and if this truly is Hugh Jackman’s final time playing him, he has unquestionably left the series on a high note.” —Starburst

Logan -It’s so many movies roll into one — and it totally works.

“’Logan’ is a family drama, an action thriller, and a marathon superhero story. If this is indeed Jackman’s last Wolverine film, he’s going out in heartfelt, high-class style.” —Associated Press

“On its own terms, Logan is a crackerjack piece of work: The dialogue is crisp, the staging snappy, and the action scenes really pop.” —Vulture

Logan ambitious script is crucial to the success of the movie.

“Logan was written by Scott Frank, Mr. Mangold, and Michael Green. Their script is the important ingredient of this extraordinary production, a model of ambition, complication, and old-fashioned showmanship that’s matched by Mr. Mangold’s direction.” —Wall Street Journal

Logan actions works, but so does the drama.

“While there are action sequences, the calm moments work best. One gets a ‘Shawshank’ vibe as the men contemplatively look into one another’s eyes expressing spiritual love as only two original X-Men can. Yes, fanboy, this movie is for you, and calculate me in.” —Daily Film Mix

“Entertaining as they are, Marvel movies aren’t predictable to be this grown-up, this dark or this human. This is a bold, reasoned story inspired by a comic book, not slavishly based on it.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

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