Dhruva Film Movie Review and Rating updates – Ram Charan 9th Film

Dhruva Film Movie Review and Rating updates – Ram Charan 9th Film


Dhruva Cast and Crew

Actor : Konidela Ram Charan ( Cherry )

Actress: Rakul Preet Singh

Producer : Allu Aravind

Director : Surender Reddy

Music : Hiphop Tamizha

Banner : Geetha Arts

Special Attraction: Aravind Swami, Navdeep

In this Film Dhruva Ram Charan as Hero Named as Dhruva as taken a role as Police Officer. After so Many years Aravind Swami acted in Tollywood Film Industry with a New look as Villan. This is the 9th Film of Ram Charans up to now. In this Movie, Rakul Preet Singh Roll is taken Less Comparing to Other Old Movies. While Coming to the Performace everyone as acted equally, And Aravind Swami gave the Best role for entering the film.

Coming to the Director Surender Reddy, It is the debut Film with Ram charan that as done by remaking Tamil Film in his Tollywood Film Career. Its a Remake of Tamil Film Thani Oruvan acted by Actor Jayam Ravi Well Known in Tamil Film Industry and Directed by Mohan Raja. Making a New film is Not more Hard comparing to the Remaking. Everyone in a Film from Hero to Crew Member is Worked hard and Made this Film Dhruva as Best Successful Film Noted in their career.

While coming to the Music Director Hip-hop Tamizha and their Team has Given a Best Music to the entire film with a loud sound, and given the best role for Background. The songs take a good place in people’s Hope.

Comparing to the Dialogues, Every Dialogue has given a beautiful speech and taken good Role.

Songs and Choreography as almost okay. In Technical Skills like Camera, Editing, Dialogue Delivery, Characters, fights, Stunts are almost Okay.

In a 1st Half, audience Felt Bore, and Later in a Second Half, They given almost better Entertainment. While Comming to the Drawbacks, 1st of the Film Runs as Slow.

Now while Talking about the Review and Rating, almost we can give you good enough Rating for their Hard Work.

As by our Review and Rating, we can give you 3 out of 5.