Chiranjeevi Boss is Back Khaidi No 150 Movie Review

Chiranjeevi Boss is Back Khaidi No 150 Movie Review


Khaidi No 150 Movie Review

Critica Rating 3/5 Average Readers Rating 3.4/5

Average Readers Rating 3.4/5

Casting       Chiranjeevi, Kajal Agarwal, Brahmanandam, Ali

Direction     VV Vinayak

Genre          Drama

Duration Of the Movie  2 Hours and 27 Minutes.

Chiranjeevi Boss is Back Khiladi No 150 Movie Review  Khiladi No 150 Movie Due to Quirk of Fate Kathi Seenu(Chiranjeevi), on the run and ends up some places and with a good Samaritan Shankar(Chiranjeevi), Who is fighting for the rights of the Poor Peoples and Poor Farmers.

All That the Character Seenu Wants to Do is to run Away to Bangkok and by Conning the Poor Farmers but He Ends up becoming their Liberator.

Khiladi No 150 Boss is Back,  Movie Review 

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There was a time from the Late 80’s to the Mid 90’s to be Specific, Chiranjeevi could entertain Playing plain Stupid. Or Kiss his Fingers in delight after touching patting her Cheeks and blow air Kisses. Ans when he would hold his belt and doing those trademark tummy wriggles.He did all that in Trying to be the Megastar of the Past and more nut watching him hold his yellow lungi, which is wrapped around a designer distressed denim, There were whistles but they Seem to be Coming from mostly bunch of Pots, who seem to reminiscing about the days of year that are long Ago.

Chiranjeevi’s Performance  There is no Doubt about Chiranjeevi’s Performance and is and Excellent actor but Prior to the release and the Promos led to Downward Expectations, and it look like Convincing and the impression was the Chiranjeevi was Trying Hard.

The Subtitles Handling of Emotions without Getting too Much in Your Face or the Comedy that he Generates even Without a Complete Support from others and end Show the Capabilities of the Star.

Khiladi No 150 Boss is Back,  Movie Review Boss is Back, One Man Show.

Highlights of the Movie Khiladi No 150 Boss is Back Movie

Elevation Blocks

Drawbacks Of the Movie Khiladi No 150 Movie

Old Fashion Direction
More Emotional Depth
Comedy Track

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