Chennai 600028 Innings 2 Movie Review

Chennai 600028 Innings 2 Movie Review


Chennai 600028 2nd innings movie review is a sequel to Chennai 600028 (2007) movie it is the latest Indian Tamil-Language Coming of Sports comedy Films and its written and directed by Venkat Prabhu and the film produced along with S.P.B. Charan Under Black Ticket Company and capital film works together, In this film more characters were acted as the names of characters are Jai, Shiva, Premji, Araving Akash, and Nithin Sathya. The Music music of this movie will be composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja .

Yes its about Chennai 600028:Innings 2 movie was starting from the beginning of the film, the movie according to my point of view this match is like a Serious game between two rivals like India and Pakistan and its based on the story of Friendship Best time, and of coursed our beloved hero Akila Ulaga Superstar Siva (Karthik) shows and using a punchline as Premji’s(cheenu) character in the film as shown in the trailer that shows that the innocence of those people who lives in their own world in both comical and Emotional Way.

Cast of The Movie :

Prem Ji
Aravind Akash and
Nithin Sathya

Story Line of The Movie :

Chennai 600028 2 Second Innings the movie is a sequel to the movie which was released in 2007 name Chennai 600028 movie after ten years the team came back with the latest comic and emotional based story as Chennai 600028 2nd Innings, Actress Anjena Kriti was brought to the love interest with Vijay Vasanth’s love Interest Abhinay Vaddi is playing a negative role in this film with a style of sport a thick beard and mustache for his character in the story.

Venkat Prabhu – This a is kind of movie that we expect from Venkat Prabhu , Venkat has worket a lot for this movie in terms of dialogues he has done a good job.

Shiva – it is pleasant to watch this movie Shiva is back with a comedy role which comes very naturally from his heart and makes us to laugh from starting to ending of the movie as nonstop comedy we have a humble request to Shiva is to do more roles like this and entertain us.

Premji- Premji – makes us laugh with his body variations and his language and with his silly acts

Vibhav – Vibhav is the good actor in this movie he has done whatever he could do but its not convincing his character could have been played by someone who is more powerful which could have lifted this movie

Music – Music of this movie was composed by Yuvan Shankar raja and the BGM’s of this movie is really fantastic but the songs could have been much better but first part of the movie was really fantastic Songs..

As by our Review and Rating, we can give you 3 out of 5.