Ami Tumi Movie Review, Rating Adivi Sesh, Srinivas Avasarala, Eesha Rebba, Aditi Myakal


Ami Tumi Movie Review

Cast: Adivi Sesh, Srinivas Avasarala, Eesha Rebba, Aditi Myakal, Thanikella Bharani, Vennela Kishore.

Director: Indraganti Mohan Krishna

Music: Mani Sharma

Producer: K C Narasimha Rao

Movie Rating: 3/5

Ami Tumi Movie is romantic- comedy based film which is acted by Adivi Sesh, Srinivas Avasarala, Eesha Rebba, Aditi Myakal, Thanikella Bharani, Vennela Kishore and directed by Indraganti Mohan Krishna the movie is getting very good response from the audience in both states Telangana and Andhra pradesh. Mohan Krishna has composed the story and screenplay for the movie and produce by the KC Narasimha Reddy under the production A Green Tea productions.

Ami Tumi  Story 

Ami Thumi film story goes around the Two couples Adivi Sesh- Eesha Rebba and Srinivas Avasarala-Aditi Myakal. Everthing will be fine for the love couples until the entry of  Shree Chilipi Vennela Kishore into their lives and some unexpected twists in the tale the entire Ami Thumo film will happen in single day. Some of the audience says that the Ami thumi is a just like Ashta Chamma the movie has very thin line storyline which is suitable for short films. The first half of the motion picture is high on the entertainment remainder, and has some funny dialogues, romance and comic drama scenes that keep you locked in. The twist before the interval is great, however the second half is not that entertaining. Each and everyone of the character made justice for their roles Adivi Sesh, Eesha Rebba, Avasarala Srinivas, Aditi Myakal and Vennela Kishore have conveyed great exhibitions, which are the highlights of Ami Thumi. Ananth Babu, Madhumani, Kedar Shankar, Venu Gopal, Shyamala, Tanikella Bhargav and Thadivelu. Ami Thumi has very good dialogues and Mani Sharma music is quiet good and back ground of the film are the other attractions.

Last Verdict:

Ami Tumi first half is fun, A normal admission. After the languid begin, the film gets with the entry of Vennela Kishore. Humor and execution worked out great. Ami Tumi one time watch movie.


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