Baba Ramdev accident news is fake but its going viral on internet


A deception message of a car accident including Baba Ramdev on the Mumbai-Pune roadway on Tuesday had circulated around the web on Twitter ,Whatsapp and Facebook. The fake Photos doing the rounds recommended that the yoga guru injured in an car accident while he was going from Pune to Mumbai. One of the photographs demonstrate Ramdev on a stretcher.

The message said that other than Baba Ramdev, four other individuals were also injured. Alongside the message, a couple photographs were additionally flowed. While one photograph demonstrated Ramdev being taken into an emergency vehicle on stretcher another photograph demonstrates a smashed car with ‘Sadasya Zila Parishad’ written on the number plate.

Be that as it may, the news ended up being fake and the photographs dated back to 2011, when Ramdev had met with a accident in Bihar.

In the mean time, the roadway control officers have subdued every one of the bits of gossip. “No such episode has occurred on the Mumbai-Pune roadway. The messages are fake,” an officer told Media.

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