Good news for foodies: No need to pay service tax in restaurants and Hotels


Food Lovers good news for you from now-on-wards No need to pay service tax in Hotels and restaurants Indian Government has issued a notice to Hotels and restaurants. According to the rules the hotels and restaurants owners cannot force any customer to pay the service tax. Customers from now on wards they have right to decide if they want to pay extra or not. According to the Ram Vilas paswan Minster of consumer Affairs, Food and Public distribution confirmed the news and he shared in Twitter with the series of tweets. minster Ram vilas Paswan last week hinted that his ministry has prepared a service tax advisory and sent to the Prime Minister office for its approval.

Ram Vilas Paswan said many complaints were sent to ministry regarding the service tax

The legislature of India have gotten numerous complaints by the customers that the hotels and restaurants are charging service tax from 10-20 percent.

Service tax is voluntary, not mandatory.

The department of food has requested that the state governments issue the rules to hotels and restaurants. They have also advised hotels to show the pennants on their premises that the service tax is voluntary.

No fines are declared if the law is broken

As per the authorities, fine against the violation of the law can’t be reported in light of the fact that the present Consumer Protection Act does not give the right to the ministry to do as such. In any case, another expert will be made under the new Consumer Protection Bill, and they will be permitted to make a move for this situation.

This is the second advisory in most recent five months.

The Department of Consumer Affairs had in January this year expressed that the service charge on food bills was not mandatory and now the rules in such manner have been issued. Every one of the restaurants and hotels would be required to follow them.

So cheers everybody, your service tax is now voluntary.

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