You’ve been pooping wrong your entire life and You don’t even know about it


All of us have had times on the toilet where things didn’t come out right. It could possibly be due to diet, although adding a little fiber to your breakfast should solve that. Scientists have conclusively discovered the correct way the body should be positioned when going number two, and it goes against everything most toilets are designed for.

Here is the correct way you should be sitting

 You Think You’re Pooping Right?From the moment our potty training is complete we think we know everything about sitting on the toilet.

Modern Toilet Is Wrong As it turns out, basically sitting on a toilet does more to inhibit the flow of feces than anything else. Toilets, it seems, have been designed all wrong.

Scientific ExplanationIt seems that, Stanford University has a Pelvic Floor Clinic that studies this accurate thing and their research is anything but crappy. Studies show the body should be squatting rather than sitting.

Problem With PoopingWhen we sit on the toilet, the colon is not in the correct position and can lead to colon cancer, provocative bowel disease, diverticulosis, hernias, and hemorrhoids.

Researching PoopieIn 2003 the research project led to scientists to divide their subjects into three groups and record the outcome of their different doo-doo experiences.

ExperimentThe first group sat on a normal toilet at an average height, the second group was given a lower-seated toilet, while the third group was told to squat.

Puborectalis MuscleWhen we stand, the puborectalis muscle prevents our poop from popping out. The more we squat, the more the muscle is relaxed.

Some Countries Are CorrectThe standard medical text Bockus’s Gastroenterology was released in 1964 and says squatting pushes the thighs against the abdomen and is the ideal way to defecate. Some countries have the correct crappers like India, china.

Proper Poop ProductsSome countries offer toilets that encourage squatting when pooping and there are products available if you have a more standard toilet used by most people who are part of Western Civilization.

Squatty PottyThe Squatty Potty forces your legs up to help you sit in an opposite squat and the perfect pooping position. Read the reviews of the product to see how well it is working for its users!

Will you follow the correct way of popping from now?

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