Last Minute beauty hacks: Simple tips to follow for a Quick Makeup


Most Working women are in a hurry or have less time to get ready which affects the makeup that needs to be done at the last minute. Dry Shampoo and Petroleum jelly are some of the products that can make life easier suggest experts. Some of the leading Makeup artists from a top beauty clinic have suggested some tricks that actually works.

Here are the Simple tips to follow for a Quick makeup

To start with hair, when there is no time to Shampoo hair and you need to head to a party after work, then keep a dry Shampoo as a must have. If it’s in a spray form, just spay it on roots and brush them. All the oil, dirt that is there in the hair will be gone.

The Cotton T-shirt will absorb the moisture quickly and will leave the natural moisture in the hair which will maintain the natural curl. One can follow it up with a serum too.

No time to go to a salon for Pedicure and manicure? Apply Petroleum Jelly on hands and feet before sleeping at night. Read More: Foods which will give you healthy and shinning hair

Apply it on skin and leave it overnight wearing thick socks. It generates the Natural moisture in skin, Also, make sure to put socks on.

For a party after offices, keep some banana bands or funky and cool accessories for hair as they add drama. the easiest hairstyle for a working woman is to make a front puff. Another option is to make a high ponytail. for that make a puffy by taking center partition of hair Read More:Changes to make in your 30s which will set you up for deep rooted achievement

Sometimes, there is a desire to apply a certain kind of lipstick shade, but it’s not available at that moment. Apply a good moisturizer or good jelly on lips and then use eye shadow of the shade you want to apply instead of the lipstick


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