Green Tea Doesn’t help in weight loss check out Here’s why


Green Tea The healthier readers will instantly agree that is no plain recipe to losing weight. No matter how much effort you put, that excess chunk of fat near your abdomen seems forever.

Workouts, diets and several myths you must be tired already. And then someone whispers, did you try green tea?

If you haven’t got your taste buds habituated to green yet, let me tell you, it isn’t that easy. getting sugar less, pungent tasting, pee-colored liquid through your throat isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

In case you totally hate it, let me assure you, green tea isn’t a magician in weight loss. Not it isn’t.

Losing weight through green tea? It doesn’t happen that way. If you like normal tea like black one, stick to it don’t think to make a shift

Let me explain you for better understanding.

Green tea and Black tea Difference

There’s some basic understanding required for this. Black tea that we drink is made by fermenting normal tea leaves. You can’t just pluck some tea leaves and grind them to powder. There is a complex process behind it.

However, green tea is more natural in its way of production. The tea goes through fewer processes and thereby not subjected to fermentation.

So does that mean, green tea is better because it’s more natural?

Green tea has more nutrition?

The answer would neither be NO or be Yes.
Green Tea is packed with lot of antioxidants. One of the antioxidants that help in weight loss is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is fully loaded in green tea. EGCG is linked to an increase of function of a hormone, called catecholamine, which stimulates our adrenaline. Now this hormone also helps is fat loss.

Hopefully you know where the whole story of fat loss through green tea originated from.

Do You think weight lose through green tea for real?

Remember to lose weight you need to consume 300-400 mg of green tea every day. This means, you require to have at least 10 cups of green tea everyday to get visible results.

Green tea contains Caffeine

If you have ever gone through the ingredients list of a Pre-workout drink, you must have seen the mention of caffeine. Now this element actually helps in weight loss. However side effect of caffeine includes disturbance in sleep routine. Not getting enough sleep may hit your metabolism badly and you may not lose weight.

Green tea isn’t a sin buffer

Many people believe having green tea after eating some chessy food helps. No it doesn’t

Marketing hiccups

While most nutrient contents in black and green tea are the same, black tea is never marketed the same way as green tea. That’s why you know green as weight loss tea and ignore black tea.

Honestly speaking about green tea

Ideally both green tea and black tea are beneficial and contain more or less same nutrients. It’s better to routine your day accordingly. if you are a chai person, drink black tea in the morning to get the kick. And pre workout, drink a cup of green tea.


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