Thrissur Pooram Festival 2017, Download images,Check the importance of this Festival and Live Streaming.


Thrissur Pooram Festival 2017: Thrissur Pooram is one of the Most important Festivals n Kerala State, India, awatedtheawaitedThrissur Pooram Festival 2017 will be held at the Thekkinkad maidan around the Vadakkunnathan temple in Thrissur on Friday, This festival is celebrated every year in the month of the May in the Malayalam month of Medam (April/May).Buddha Purnima Festival Images,There are some other festivals that celebrated in the Kerala State, but Thrissur pooram stands for better than the rest pooram festivals, as a part of the Competition, colorful and crafted big umbrellas that will be exhibited atop the 15 elephants on each side by both the groups that they Participated in the Thrissur Pooram Festival.

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Thrissur Pooram Festival 2017

The Two Groups will be decorated their 15 Elephants each with new comparisons (nettipattam), accoutrements (chamayam), ornamental fans (aalavattom), royal fans (venchamarom), sacred bells and decorative umbrellas as part of the competition between Thiruvambady Sri Krishna Temple and Paramekkavu Bagavathi Temple.

Thrissur Pooram – The Format and Schedule

The participant poorams are divided into two parts namely “Paramekkavu side” and “Thiruvambady side”. The Paramekkavu side consists of besides “Paramekkavu Bagavathy”.

1) Pookattikkara-Karamukku Baghavathy, 2) Choorakattukara Baghavathy, 3) Chempukkavu Baghavathy, 4) Panemukkumpilly Sastha.

2) Choorakattukara Baghavathy, 3) Chempukkavu Baghavathy, 4) Panemukkumpilly Sastha.

3) Chempukkavu Baghavathy, 4) Panemukkumpilly Sastha.

4) Panemukkumpilly Sastha.

Besides Thiruvambady Baghavathy, the Thiruvambady side is having 

1) Ayyanthole Baghavathy 2) Nethilakkavu Baghavathy 3)

2) Nethilakkavu Baghavathy 3)

3) Laoor bagavathy 4) Kanimangalam Sastha.

Thrissur Pooram 2017 Schedule & Dates

The Pooram Nakshathram began at 05:02 in the morning on Friday and will end at 06:09 am on May 6. The temples from the Paramekkavu side (Eastern Group) and Thiruvambady side (Western Group) take part in this festival. The two groups of temples are just 500 meters apart from each other.

Western Group – Thiruvambaby Side

1.Thiruvambad Sri Krishna Temple

2.Kanimangalam Sastha Temple

3.Laloor Bhagavathy Temple

4.Dree Karthyayani Temple at Ayyanthole

5.Nethilakkavu Baghavathy Temple

Eastern Group – Paramekkavu Side

1.Paramekkavu Baghavathi Temple

2.Chembukkavu Bhagavathy Temple

3.Panamukkumpally Sastha Temple

4.hoorakkottukavu Bhagavathy Temple

5.Pookattikkara – Karamukku Baghavathy Temple

Kodiyettam Timings and Schedule

1.Laloor: 8.00 to 8.15 am

2.Ayyanthole: 11.00 to 11.15 am

3.Thiruvambadi: 11.30 to 11.45 am

4.Paramekkavu: 12.00 to 12.15 pm

5.Chembhookavu: 6.00 to 6.15 pm.

6.Panekkumppilly: 6.15 to 6.30 p.m

7.Pookattikkara – karamukku: 6.15 to 6.30 pm

8.Kanimangalam: 6.00 to 6.15 pm

9.Choorakottukavu: 6.45 to 7.00pm

10.Neithalkavu: 8.00 to 8.15pm

Thrissur Pooram Festival 2017, Download images, Quotes, Messages, the importance of this Festival and Live Streaming.

Thrissur Pooram Festival 2017 Live Streaming Videos:

People are outside Kerala, India and in other regions can watch the live streaming and coverage of the Thrissur Pooram 2017 through online live streaming. The 36-hour-long Thrissur Pooram festival will be live streamed by all popular Malayalam news channels.


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