Happy Ambedkar Jayanthi SMS Greetings 2017 Whatsapp Quotes For Whatsapp and Facebook


Happy Ambedkar Jayanthi SMS Greetings 2017 Whatsapp Quotes For Whatsapp and Facebook :- Ambedkar Jayanthi or Bhim Jayanthi is an annual Festival that celebrated on 14th April to Commemorate the in Memory of Ambedkar Jatanthi (DR.B.R Ambedkar) and his Birthday on April 14th 1891 and is a Public Holiday Across India. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar  was also known as the name of B R Ambedkar or “Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedkar this is his 136th Birth anniversary and it is a Public holiday. Dr.Ambedkar Jayanthi Quotes, Whatsapp Status Quotes and with all images download all the Images and Quotes of the Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanthi Wishes and Facebook Quotes and Share all the Patriotic quotes with akk your friends and family for the Great Leader of Remembrance of all time. Ambedkar Jayanthi Parade are carried out by his fans and followers across India at Chatiya Bhoomi on Mumbai and Deeksha Bhoomi in Nagpur, as such as the President and the Prime Minister and all the Leaders of the Major Political Parties across Nation to pay the Homage at the Statue of the Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanthi at the President of India in New Delhi, it is celebrated throughout the World mainly Daliths that who Embraced the Buddism.

Ambedkar Jayanthi SMS Greetings 2017, Patriotic Images Download

“Life Should Be Great Rather Than Long Dr.B.R Ambedkar”

Bhim Jayanthi Quotes and Messages

“In Hinduism, Conscience , reason and the Independent thinking that have no scope for the Development”

“History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, and victory is always with economics, vested interests that have never been known and to have willingly divested themselves unless there was sufficient force to Compel them.

“Indians today are governed by two different ideologies. Their political ideal set in the preamble of the Constitution affirms a life of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Their social ideal embodied in their religion denies them.”

“People and their religion must be judged by social standards based on social ethics. No other standard would have any meaning if religion is held to be necessary good for the well-being of the people.”

“The sovereignty of scriptures of all religions must come to an end if we want to have a united integrated modern India.”

Bhimrao Jayanthi 2017 Status for Whatsapp and Facebook:

“It’s day of Celebrations,
It’s day to value a special person,
Who taught the world the lesson of Self Confidence

A great man is different from an eminent
One in that he is Ready
to be the servant of the Society
A great man is different from an eminent.”

“Sara jaha hai jiki sharan me
naman hi us BABA ke charan me
bane us baba ke charno ki dhool
aao mil kar chadhaye shradha ke phool

On the occasion of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’s birthday,
may we learn from him the spirit of self confidence
and will to fight against oppression!
Happy Ambedkar Jayanti!”

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