Status story is likely is the most despised component in the Whatsapp history. Practically following two weeks of its presentation, WhatsApp has at long last offer an option of that by re-presenting the content status.

All the details about the version and how it works are given below.

Story Status

Recently introduced status story is there in the new update with the same functionality.
Woho.. Text story is back.

The status story is there along with the text story. A user can use both the updates- status story, text story. The status story was loved by only a small section of the user base so it is kept in the latest beta update.

The user needs to jump to settings to get the old styled text status

The status story works in the same way as it did till now.

You also have the replay option for the status story that will directly go into the personal chat screen of the user.

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The text status layout is same, and the user can enjoy both status story and text status feature.

This update is currently available for beta users only.

As of now, this update is available on Android only and that too in beta version 2.17.95. If you want this feature, just click here and become a beta user for this update.

So that is it guys for this article, Stay tuned for HinDailyold version whatsapp text statutech updates.

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