Students Were Allegedly For Dumping Flipkart of Rs. 1.05 Crores


Students Were Allegedly For Dumping Flipkart of Rs. 1.05 Crores as 152 Smartphones Students are from a student an engineering graduate studying the same course allegedly dumped an online E-commerce Company of around rs 1.05 crores and 152 high expensive Mobiles Smartphones by Falsely claiming that they were delivered empty boxes.

Now a days online Payments or cashless transactions has been increased to a limit of 80 percent by using the technology in this incident an engineering students were attested as they allegedly dumping a popular E-commerce Company for Rs 1.05 Crore, this was taken place in Rajasthan’s Kota the students who are pursuing the same course has the company with 152 expensive smartphones by claiming that they were delivered with Empty boxes , the E-commerce company has filed a case on them as fraud of the two guys and the police have taken the case seriously and they have arrested the guys who are bothering them the arrested students were produced in a court that sent them on a 6 day police remand, both the students were the residence of Beech Gawndi village in MadhyaPradesh

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The Two Students were identified as Ruhal Meena 20 a B.Tech Student in Gwalior and Dharmraj Meena 20 an engineering student from Jaipur , the zonal manager of flip-kart Manoj chudhary has on September 24 filed a complaint that some Persons has duped the company’s of Rs 50 and 55 lakh rs and 152 expensive smartphones said by sawai singh Godara the superintendent of police.

But they two are had been flashy and expensive life and owned luxury vehicles, bith are the residents of Beech Gawndi village in Madhya Pradesh.

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Mean while Police have also arrested five other persons involved in purchase and resale phones from the DUO anil joshi SHO at Anantpura Police Station , and more Arrest in connection with the case are possible as interrogation with the seven Accused are in underway.


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