Sonam Kapoor caught with Bf Anand Ahuja at lunch date Bandra


Bollywood Secret couple Sonam Kapoor and rumored boyfriend Anand Ahuja caught at launch date in Mumbai. Anand Ahuja business entrepreneur who lives in London has never spotted with the sonam kapoor in mumbai but this he caught redhandedly. Anand Ahuja is in Mumbai and Sonam Kapoor has been showing her Boyfriend around. So till now Everything is fine but here is the twist Sonam kapoor does not show interest to take picture with her Boyfriend Anand Ahuja. Sonam Kapoor who has still not yet confirmed about the releationship between both and she does not want open about her releationship. Last month when a media person asked her about Anand she has last her cool and acted like she does not hear the question.

Sonam had posted a photo of her boyfriend at a spa in Mumbai and that is the way the world came to realize that he is around the local town.On Sunday, Sonam kapoor decided to treat Anand Ahuja to lunch at Bastian in Bandra, which is one of B-Town’s most loved spots. She was joined by her cousin Anshula, Arjun Kapoor’s younger sister. Read More: Sonam Kapoor don’t want to talk about bf Anand Ahuja

While she was making the most of her supper, the paparazzi got twist of their presence and the photographers soon assembled outside the restaurant.

Sonam kapoor was in no state of mind to posture with Anand.

Along these lines, she utilized the old trap to distract the paparazzi. Anand made a fast exit alone before the photographers could catch him. Read More: Sonam Kapoor ravishing in Golden brocade outfit

And after that following ten minutes, Sonam kapoor left with Anshula close by. Read More: Sonam Kapoor posess for Vogue cover page in Gucci outfit

Our question is, the reason so shy Sonam Kapoor? We as a whole realize that you are dating Anand Ahuja, then why not simply drop the exterior? Read More: Sonam Kapoor and her Bf Anand Ahuja spotted searching for a flat in Bandra


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