Snapchat vs Instagram vs Whatsapp Check out which is best?


Associating with loved ones, friends, and families over long distance has been a big concern for people since centuries. As social creatures, all most every people love to interact and socialize his nature by fortifying their relationships. Time was there when face-to-face communication was used to be the only way of socialization. then it is followed by a letter, telephone, the internet, and social media.

Nowadays, letter or text modes for communication are outlandish, and people now have conjured up a lot of innovative systems to keep in touch with others. And the introduction of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Orkut have dragged this trend to the next level.

In the mid of 2000s, websites like MySpace and LinkedIn picked up higher popularity, others like Photobucket and Flickr also kept on encouraging the online Photograph sharing trend. YouTube in 2000 created an entirely new platform for people to connect with each other over distance, and following it, in 2006 Facebook and Twitter started a massive whole generation with their functionalities and productivity. In 2010, an all new development in Web world came to the forefront in the form of WhatsApp which totally stunned the generation with its cutting-edge features. In the same year, a new online Image sharing website launched with the name ‘Instagram,’ which truly made the fantasy of uploading pictures and videos online much easier and faster. Following these two, after one year, another instant messaging site Snapchat stroke the market edge and hence making the aggressiveness of social media industry more.

Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp fare Guides

Before facebook buying WhatsApp in 2014 for one billion, it was used to be an independent site, facilitating users to enjoy fast and instant messaging, photo and video sending, and other content sharing services. Coming to Snapchat, it is owned by email giant Yahoo. In the deal of Snapchat, Yahoo paid $19 billion dollars to acquire this modern app. facebook is now the proud owner of both Instagram and WhatsApp, and Yahoo is of Snapchat. Facebook is reported to pay approximately US $1 billion in cash to buy Instagram in April 2012.

Though all three latest apps are different from each other, yet a concealed competition always appeared among the owners of these three apps. Here in this article, we will discuss which app is the best, in terms of their usefulness, functionality, features, and services. Let’s explore a bit more.

Snapchat vs WhatsApp vs Instagram

If we started comparing Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram, then most people from the initial stage will conclude that WhatsApp and Snapchat to be same and alike in nature. But they often overlook the distinctive features of both applications along with the completely unique functionalities of Photo sharing app Instagram.

Both WhatsApp and Snapchat are instant messaging apps, yet they are different. Instagram is completely different from these two and allows the user to share and upload their photos and short video clips on the web. Moreover, it also lets users follow their idols for tracking their movement on the social media.

While Snapchat is mostly supported and used by teens and youth, WhatsApp has a broad user, the client base of this app mostly consists of youth and middle-aged people who love to share their personal memory of pictures and videos online.

Both Instagram and WhatsApp are owned and operated by facebook, Snapchat belongs to yahoo.

Since 2010, January, WhatsApp has been around the social media, while Instagram came to the floor on 2010 and Snapchat in 2011.

WhatsApp was created in 2009 by two former employees of yahoo Brain Acton and Jan Koum. Later, facebook bought this app. Similarly, Snapchat was first developed by Brown and Spiegel as a project for one of Spiegel’s classes at Stanford. Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and dispatch for public use in October 2010.

Rolling over to the functionalities of all three apps, WhatsApp is a proprietary cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging client for smartphones. It uses the internet to send text messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio messages to other users using standard cellular mobiles numbers.

Moving over to the functionalities of all three application, WhatsApp is a fashionable, cross stage, instant messaging platform, exclusively designed to run on smartphones. through the use of the internet, WhatsApp allows users to send instant messages, archives, pictures, video, locations and voice recordings to other users. the complete system of WhatsApp runs on standard cellular mobile numbers.

on the other hand, Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile app that enables users to convey messages, photos or small videos through the internet. It also facilitates users to edit their attachments with different inbuilt filters and effects, text captions, and drawings.

Rolling over to Instagram, it is an online mobile photo and video sharing platform that allows users to click pictures and videos, and share them on their profile either publicly or privately on the app. it also facilitates clients to make their photos and videos publicize through a range of other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

if you genuinely consider the distinctive points of all three apps, Snapchat is the only site that has enabled its users to log in without a SIM card. It also facilitates people temporary images and text message facilities over its platform which WhatsApp and Instagram Lack. On the other hand, WhatsApp and Instagram are available on PC.

While WhatsApp has recently updated its privacy policy with an end to end encryption for better and stronger security, Snapchat and Instagram lack this facility.

Though all three apps allow individuals to share their pictures and videos, rather than WhatsApp, no app from Snapchat or Instagram allows their users to send documents online.

regarding the network, WhatsApp rules over other two. WhatsApp has a massive 600 million user base, while Instagram and Snapchat have 500 million and 30 million active user base respectively.

Detailed Description of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat

Advantages of Snapchat

Snapchat helps users to enjoy a super fast servicing

It allows sharing photos and videos more freely for expressing particular feelings or state of mind

It facilitates the posting of private and temporary images and text which will be erased within 10 seconds after being viewed.

It also allows setting favorite contacts, creating personal media library, and drafting messages.

Allows to add different filters to photos

The strength of Instagram

With the assimilation of Facebook, it allows promoting contents over the web

It facilitates the option of ‘hashtags’ as identifier for allowing users easily found their favorite videos and Photos

the wide range of filters to modify images more quickly and easily

It improves the creative capability by allowing the user to click photos from different scenarios.

can be built both casual and professional followings

No temporary posting or automatic erasing of pictures or contents

Now WhatsApp strong points

It lets users see the last seen of other users and their present status. It also notifies when someone else is ‘Typing’ the message.

Apart from Photos and videos, it allows sending documents, locations, music files, voice recording, and contacts.

It has a wider language support

One can also export the date from Whatsapp to an email address.

It also supports the facility of adding widgets to the home screen

For better security, it has end to end encryption


well, this is a brief discussion about the similarities, diversities, and functionalities of three leading social media applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. But if you compare Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, it is quite obvious to guess who the winner is. No doubt, both Instagram, and Snapchat have bunches of great offerings, services and features but with the wider availability better and faster services to communicate and data sharing the most sheltered platform for sensitive information and easy functioning methods have made WhatsApp to rule over the kingdom of social media. Moreover, its largest user base also plays a key role in fortifying its effect over Snapchat and Instagram.


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