Snapchat Camera Glasses available Now and it started selling online


Until now, the only way to buy Snapchat’s spectacles has been through yellow vending machines that appear unannounced in random cities for 24 hours

starting Monday, Snap-chat will also sell its camera-equipped sunglasses on its website. Anyone in the US can order a pair of the $130 glasses, which record 10-second video clips and connect to the snap chat app. The glasses will be available on the snap website. The new York pop-up store to sell the glasses has closed.

Snap-chat maker snap inc. is also shutting down its spectacles pop-up store in New York city that’s been open since late November. A spokesperson confirmed that the company’s “snapbot” vending machines will continue to appear throughout the US after going on a “brief hiatus.

Snap made a big splash with the unexpected debut of spectacles last fall. the product garnered long lines during the weeks leading up to the holidays, and pairs were quickly resold online for thousands of dollars. Demand has since slowed, and snap likely feels confident that it can finally fulfill online orders.

Spectacles represent Snap’s first hardware effort to rebrand itself as a “camera company” ahead of its $22 billion public offering in March. snap said it had planned to “significantly broaden the distribution of spectacles” in its IPO paperwork earlier this month, although the product “has not generated significant revenue” yet.

Snap-chat glasses Review:

“The glasses are stylish and a whole lot of fun,” we said, “But if you’re looking for great video quality. stick with a camera or smartphone. The clips are low-res and really jerky shooting from your eyes doesn’t allow for any steadiness help from the hands. But then again, no one is buying spectacles for great video quality. they want spectacles because they’re colorful, cool and for the time being, represent an instant status symbol status because they are so rated.”


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