Saumya Tandon Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actress was robbed in Turkey


Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai serial actress Saumya Tandon was robbed in Istanbul, Turkey about 70,000 thousand rupees robbed from her. Saumya Tandon who is know for Anita bhabhi in famous serial Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. Saumya Tandon was on vacation to Istanbul, Turkey. According to the reports that the taxi driver has stole 800 euros converting to India the amount will be 72089.11 Rupees.

According to the PinkVilla report: As Soon as saumya gave him euros instead of Turkey Lira to the tax driver the cabbie said that they we’re wrong cash which got saumya bewildered as both Both Euro and Lira as a money work in turkey. When saumya opened her handbag that had euros, the cab driver put his hand in Saumya bag took the money and left from there she noticed that 1000 euros were stolen.

Saumya said that police couldn’t help her because she didn’t have the receipt of the travel so no license plate number.

Thinking back, the performing artist included,” But there is a brilliant side to everything, now I am going in trams , I made an Istanbul card , it’s quite a lot more fun, safe and I become acquainted with additional about the city through its nearby transport. Truth be told in the cable car yesterday, I met an Indians who are huge fans of Bhabiji despite the fact that they scarcely communicated in Hindi, and clicked pictures with me in transit.”



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