Sapna Bhavnani and Bani Judge Kissing in Public why?


Latest Edition of Big Boss Contestants Bani Judge and Sapna Bhavnani’s Kissing Images has gone viral on the Internet as Sapna bhavnani kiss on the Instagram has created quite a sensation across the Social Media, but they are really locking the lips and or just they are trying to take a pic of that angle of kissing that to be known lets check it out.Big Boss latest edition as the contestants are Sapna Bhavnani and Bani judge are about as close as best friends that come with a viral image posted on the social media that when they posted an image on the Instagram on Sunday, according to the reports these two girls on the social media made a focus on them as one night stars and also made a music festival in Mumbai on Sunday or Know body knows.

These two hot girls are rocking out at an iconic Mumbai venue razzberry rhinoceros’ FOMO festival. Actually, Everyone wants to know and to believe the two ladies were Naturally Kissing each other.

When the Boys asked Sapna said that “God that the Images have gone viral and are at a Music Festival and I can’t talk now about the issue and images actually she shared these images on a social media Platform and also shared a video of the two girls kissing while the sun setting in the Background and captioned “You are my Sunshine @banji”.

In one of the Videos, Sapna is showing her middle finger to the Video Camera while the Bani Judge is seen Pouting and these two could be heard using bad words.

While the Sapna is openly a bisexual and the another girl Bani apparently is in a relationship with the actor Yuvraj Thakur and all these rumors of the couple breaking up but the Yuvraj and the Bani Instagram’s Images and the Videos, are saying a different story.

Sapna and the Bani were good friends as the Bani is often seen hanging out with the celebrity hair stylist and also shared some images of them in the social media as Instagram.

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