Sachin Tendulkar and Sonu Nigam in one poster whats going check out story


There has been quite a while that a photo is being flowed via web-based Social media where people aren’t ready to perceive who the VIPs are in the photo. Cricket is one of those games which is worshiped in India and Bollywood is positively a vital piece of Indian LIVES.

The secret has at long last arrived at an end and one of them being from the cricket world while other been unmistakable individual from Bollywood music industry. In the said picture we can see that taller man remaining to the privilege is well known playback artist Sonu Nigam, and the other man to one side with wavy hair is none other than God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. Yes, you read it, correct?One question which still be pondering what are these two stalwarts doing sharing screen nearness and have they changed the occupation as in the photo we can see that Sonu Nigam is holding the bat, while Sachin Tendulkar is good to go to warble a melody while holding that mike? The genuine purpose for this part inversion is as yet not known. According to sources it may be for a limited time video for his up and coming film, Sachin: A Billion Dreams which is good to go to discharge soon. Only a figure, similar to what we are doing about the above pic

Significantly ace blaster took to web-based social networking and was cited saying that Sonu Nigam being a piece of the situation, in this manner affirming our questions

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