Nokia Goes back to the 90’s Future with 3310 Smartphone Take a Look


Nokia Goes back to the 90’s Future with 3310 Smartphone Take a Look

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Arto Mummela The CEO of the Nokia-HMD holds the Nokia 3310 Device during the Presentation Ceremony at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, Spain.

The Nokia’s new revolution Smartphone business that went back to the Future of 90’s with their New Launch of Nokia 3310 on Sunday they have introduced some of the Brightly Colored Version of the Nokia 3310 Smartphone and the Best-Selling Phone of 2000.

The New Version of the Nokia 3310 Smartphone talk and text phone now has the Bigger Screen and it is Priced at Just 49 euros {$52}.And now Nokia also Re-entered in the Global Smartphone Market with their New Four Moderately Designed Models Priced ranging from 139 to 299 Euros Reports.

We May Have Releasing Four New Models and about what the New Version’s of Nokia’s Classic 3310 will like this From Now-On wards.

This Handset will Come with a color Display and have some extra features phone Capabilities according to the Information From the MWC Mobile World Congress, which Claims to have leaked some of the Information about the Upcoming Smartphones from the Nokia.

The Original Nokia 3310 Phone Was Released way back in 2000 and when the people were Still Burning the CD’s and Loading up Some Microsoft Encarta, The New Version of Nokia  3310 Smartphone looks like it won’t Disappoint the users of the Nokia Longtime Fans, the new 3310 will look very similar to the Original Nokia 3310 which was released in 2000 and it will have a slightly designed that lighter and thinner.

The Love For this Brand is really Immense and it gets a lot of appreciation of affection from millions and millions of people across the world, Nokia Chief Executive Rajeev Suri Said that this news conference at the Mobile Congress World in Barcelona, Spain and the telecom Industry’s Largest Annual trade fair of the Year.

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All of them were seating with an anticipation at the MWC-2017 that the Nokia Brand is Back at the Mobile World Congress and we have seen Nokia Phones that take the show throughout the Years and now today might repeat the same, this is the biggest occasion for the Nokia that might be need to Observe live instead of read about the News about New Nokia Smartphone.

Watch Nokia at MWC-2017 Program which was held at Barcelona, Spain.


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